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Much of what we do is adapt our PDU and control systems to meet unique requirements. When our standard equipment solutions don’t meet your design, we have what it takes.

We understand that in factory, depot, or military test environments, constraints are many. Limited space, safety factors, unique user control, power monitoring, or even color coordination, and the list goes on…

Check out below some of the ways which AC General can adapt an equipment rack power system for your application.

Featured Custom Product

PN 003-191

Ideas on customization:

  • Connections
    • Different Power input/output connectors or unique cabling
  • Ratings and Control
    • Special current/voltage ratings
    • Various user control switches, power selection
    • PDU control via digital IO
    • Advanced control logic (PLC)
  • Packaging and protection
    • Show breaker guards, locks
    • Panel sizes & strange shapes
    • Ruggedization
  • System monitoring
    • Over/Under voltage, Phase Rotation, Elapsed time
    • Current monitoring
    • Power quality monitoring
    • Networking to host



  • Circular MIL connectors for outputs

connections 2

  • Output and Input connectors tailored to your unique equipment rack loads
  • Reduce system integration time- Let AC General provide mating cabling

connections 3

  • IEC Pin and Sleeve Connectors

Control Options

control 1

  • On/Off switches integrated in the PDU front panel
  • Bat handle auxiliary breakers

control 2

  • Add more system control switches
  • Integrated Emergency OFF

control 3

  • Line-rated main selector switch

control 4

  • Compact specialized control panel packaging with fault indicators and time monitor

Packaging & Protection

packaging 1

  • Unique packaging designed for tight cabling

packaging 2

  • Sealed Transit Cases for rugged-duty field operation

packaging 3

  • Various forms of circuit breaker guards
  • Panel color to match existing equipment

System Monitoring

Over/Under Voltage and Phase Rotationsystem monitoring

  • Prevents damage to equipment by disengaging the PDU outputs
  • Enforces phase sequence wiring to A-B-C

Current Monitoring
current monitoring 2current monitoring

  • Monitor AC Line Current with added current sensing
    • Feed the sensor to built-in meters or route the sensor wiring to your measurement equipment

Power Quality Monitoring (PQM)

  • Embed a PQM into your PDU and get
    • Detailed event recording for voltage, frequency, and current
    • Voltage dips, swells, and interruptions
    • Waveform graph and RMS graphs
    • Network connectivity to retrieve all the AC PQM data into your host system
    • No software required!
      • Built-in web server
      • Built-in FTP server
      • Built-in Modbus-TCP protocol
  • Perfect option for critical test environments where you need to correlate AC power events to test results
    • No more guess-work on power sags and surges
    • Easy to configure

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